First Driver’s License

When I was sixteen, I could hardly wait for the day that I could take my driving test for my license. I had already taken the driving school during the hour before my high school classes started. It was the way in those days – the 60’s.

My dad had taught me to parallel park in an empty store parking lot. He stood in a spot and acted as the rear bumper of a car I was supposed to park behind. What a way to learn! Do it right or run over your father!!!

Believe me, I can parallel park to this day. When I do, I still see Daddy standing there and I am ever so careful not to hit the car (Daddy) in front of me.

I wanted a driver’s license as soon as possible, even though I didn’t have a car of my own. I drove the family Dodge Dart with a three speed manual. It was heaven to me!

My license meant such freedom to my sixteen year old self. I could go, by myself, anywhere I wanted.

It also symbolized maturity. I felt so grown up, almost adult. Using my license as my I.D. was absolutely exhilarating!

Peer pressure was a huge factor, as well. Everyone was getting their license, so certainly, I had to have mine.

There was also the feeling of success, in being able to pass the test the first time. It was an honor in itself.

Kids nowadays don’t seem to the “drive” (pun intended) to get their license as soon as possible. I’m not sure what that says.

Both of my sixteen year old GS’s are in the process of getting their driver’s licenses. Mac has finished the written test, gotten all of his driving hours (day and night) and has taken the driving test. He is waiting for his license to be filed with DMV.

He seems to be pleased but not very enthused. In fact I’m more excited about this turning point in his life than he is. And he even has a car that was given to him by Grams. Does that seem strange to you too?!!

Now Matt, who lives in Phoenix, is even less excited. He has taken the written test and is getting his driving hours, sort of. He doesn’t seem worried about it in the least.

His philosophy is very laid back – if he gets a license, fine. If he doesn’t, I guess that’s fine too.

Frankly, I’m baffled by this thinking. I guess they both kind of like being driven around with little responsibility. It just seems to have almost no meaning to them to have a driver’s license.

At my age now, I’m worried about keeping my license. I know the day is coming when I will have to forfeit this wonderful card, which means so very much to me.

I wish I could convey to the two newest drivers the true meaning of a license all their own. But maybe that really isn’t possible.

It’s a different time – a different world – a different place – different people. Each circumstance develops in its own way. It has more meaning to one than the other.

But I’m so excited for them! I hope they both get their licenses soon.

I can’t stand this much longer!

2 thoughts on “First Driver’s License

  1. Hi Granny,
    My great nephew is this age and very excited to get his license, so there are some who still feel the same as you. I still don’t have a license.
    Good and healing thoughts to yous.

    • Good to hear that. My faith is restored. But you have your bicycle, right? That is a special vehicle in itself. I have a real love/hate relationship with my bike. I love it – it hates me. But that’s another story.
      Good to hear from you sweetie.


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