Pillow Philosophy

Everybody has their own beliefs or philosophies. They have their own opinions and their own viewpoints, their own thoughts and their own outlook.

People have developed their own way of viewing the world and making sense of the big and little variations in life. This can take a minute or a lifetime. It may involve a word or two or an entire book.

In my experience, written philosophies have usually been profound, witty and often very wordy. Authors and writers like to use what they like and are familiar with and that would be words.

I have nothing against words. I use them a great deal myself. My problem is, I can’t remember them when they come in large groups. I want to use good viewpoints in my life and that is hard when they are the size of a novel.

I like philosophies that will fit on something the size of a pillow – what I call Pillow Philosophy. I love an opinion with few words and profound meaning. That way I can remember and incorporate the idea into my mind. It’s easily repeated in my life and shared with others.

Pillow Philosophy can be as funny as it is serious and as witty as it is profound. That can be most difficult with so few words being used. I think that’s why they speak to me. They are meaningful, unique, often humorous, easy to recall and require a writing skill all their own.

Pillow Philosophy has been in existence for centuries. Remember framed needlework pieces that said “Home Sweet Home”? And I’m sure Greek and Roman mosaic floors and walls spelled out witty little thoughts. This is certainly not something new.

Some of my favorites are:

“All I know is that I do not know anything.” Socrates

“There is nothing stronger than gentleness.” John Wooten

“We are what we repeatedly do.” Will Durant

“He who hesitates is lost.” Cato

“No matter where you go, there you are.” Keith Caserta

See how amazing one small short idea can be? It is a tiny springboard to a large pool of further thought and imagination, in which one can float for hours, soaking up all manner of sunlight and growth.

I can imagine the rooms of my home filled with pillows, quilts, wallhangings and table runners, all speaking words of wisdom to me at every turn. I could change them with the seasons and at my whim. The flow of knowledge would be endless and quite amusing.

Pillow Philosophy fits not only my way of thinking but my way of decorating. How convenient is that!


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