The Extraordinary Ordinary

At the end of a seemingly normal average day or week, one can and should look back and see the many precious little moments that were wonderful and memorable. It may seem hard to believe that unremarkable times have the potential to be amazing. But believe it because they are there.

In fact, one small almost meaningless, at the time, action can be life altering in its final result. A spoken word, a touch of a hand, a wink, a wave, a smile, all can tell a story, soothe a soul, calm a heart, lift a spirit or charm a conscience. The everyday can be momentous in its consistency and persistence. The fact that a mom or dad go to work every morning diligently and do so for years on end is a small and a large miracle.

Much of the joy is in watching it happen and being present for the occurrence of the extraordinary. All that is required is being aware of the here and now, being in the moment. Be cognizant of the small things, the little stuff.

One tiny flower growing through a crack in the concrete can speak volumes to us about strength and courage but only if it is noticed. If we are distracted, rushed or only looking inward, we will never see the wee bits of life that inspire. We need to purposely slow down and open up.

Using all of our senses is needed to stay tuned into the world. It requires seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling to keep in touch with life. Remaining numb is out of the question and will lead to a kind of ignorance and a blindness to the best of one’s existence.

Every little thing we do each day, sometimes over and over, is huge in the big picture. The humble parts keep the gigantic whole together and flowing. If no one washes the dishes, then the family will be reduced to eating on leaves with their fingers. Although that may fun once in awhile, it would not be on a daily basis.

The ordinary events in our everyday lives can be as simple as a good morning kiss or hug, a favorite breakfast, a ride to school or work, a secret handshake, a shared meal, anything. The smallest act repeated over and over strengthens a relationship to the point of unbreakable.

It’s a magic act played out in the quiet sweet backdrop of the drama we call life. If we’re not careful, we will miss it and that would be tragic.

Because in the ordinary is all the extraordinary stuff..


5 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Ordinary

    • Thank you sweetie. I’m president of your fan club too. How have you been? I miss you all like a front tooth, as we say here in Texas.


      • Hi Granny,
        Noise disturbances by my neighbors lessening, though still a major issue for me. And all night, so it is hard to get enough sleep. I plan on posting again regularly.

        Thinking of you and sending my love. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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