My To-Do List

I’m a list maker from a long line of list makers. I make a list for everything I do, from the groceries I need to errands that need running to calls that need to be made to my quilt projects. It’s the only way I can remember. It’s the way I think.

I process my life in lists. What needs to be done first. What is a priority. What can be done last and if it’s not done today, can be added to tomorrow’s list.

I love checking things off the list. What a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment it gives me. A finished list is so gratifying that I’m tempted to keep it. But then there’s that new list.

Multiple lists don’t bother me at all. I love it! Daily, weekly, monthly – bring it on! The more the merrier, as they say. I can’t be too organized, but I can get too confused. So let’s keep it manageable, shall we?

Seriously, I do organize most everything in my life in lists, which does help keep me on task and does help me remember the minutiae of everyday. But more important than the list itself, is what it contains. What does my list include, consist of? Is it just a daily catalog of food items, dry cleaning, haircuts and shoe repair stops?

I know I can be orderly about my life but can I do more? I certainly think so. I began to think recently that I could add some more meaningful reminders to my to-do list.

One that I’ve added is to do a kindness for someone else each day. It can be anything. One day I paid for a gentleman’s drink who was in line behind me. Another day I helped a disabled young woman finish her grocery shopping. It could be as simple as doing someone’s chore for them. The real joy is seeing their face when they realize it’s been done for them. Priceless! The opportunities to be kind will present themselves, believe me.

Another one I’m adding to my list is personally thank every Police Officer I see for their service and shake their hand. My son-in-law is a Police Officer, so this is a special one for me. Gramps and I go to all Mac’s High School football games (to see the band perform at halftime), so I have ample opportunity to greet the men and women in blue. They don’t get thanked very often and are very pleased when they do.

Every once in awhile I add a big one to the list, such as pay for the person’s groceries behind me in line or take a family out a special dinner or get a grandchild an especially extravagant gift that is needed. It hasn’t happened too often, but was very meaningful when it did.

I’m now of the opinion that my to-do list has to be more well rounded and inclusive. It has to involve people as well as things. It has to entail kindness, thoughtfulness, courtesy, patience and concern.

In other words, brotherhood/sisterhood needs to be #1 on every to-do list – not #10 or #20, but #1. Let’s start with people and their regard and then finish with the things of the day.

I know my day will certainly flow better and my lists will get easier and easier to write.


3 thoughts on “My To-Do List

  1. Hi Granny,
    My brother is a police officer as well. Another thing we share.

    I love your list ideas. I really need to do this. A list has been a must-have part of moving. I need to work on writing down some lists, because I really need the reminders. Thanks.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.

    • Any time sweetie. I love that we have so much in common. It makes me feel so much closer to you from such a long distance. I hope the people upstairs are behaving more like adults. Here’s to quiet nights!


      • Hi Granny,
        In time, I have been assured by the manager, it will get resolved.

        No, the adults are not behaving like adults and unsurprisingly the children are behaving like badly trained, badly socialized, badly supervised, and badly parented children. Most importantly the 4 year old is. The two children are not on the lease, so they do not have permission to live there. In time, and with my documenting the noise disturbances and their being there 24/7, it will be resolved. The adults have chosen to not stop the noise and not to move the children out, so the consequences will eventually occur to them.

        I prefer neighbors who act like adults. That hasn’t been my experience in the past nine years of inner city apartment living. I am working on taking care of me, despite the issues around me.

        Good and healing thoughts to you and to those you love.

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