Saturday Selvage

Here are some good words for a Saturday morning. Be you and be a good one, which is all we can ever do. The problem is it takes hard work and a whole life-time. I say throw in a lot of humor and have a wonderful time doing it!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Selvage

  1. Hi Granny,
    The first immigrant to North America of my father’s lineage had a family motto. “To thy known self be true.” Your selvage today is a great version. Thanks!

    Good and healing thoughts to you.

    • What a wonderful motto! Every family needs a motto. I’m going to develop one for mine. That is such a great idea. Thank you.


      • I forgot to mention, you might know this already, this is from a quote from Shakespeare, in Hamlet. Polonius gives his son this advice upon parting for a voyage. Pretty great advice.

        Good and healing thoughts to you.

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