Saturday Selvage

Maple leaves! How timely! I have a ton in my yard.

Is this the sweetest saying or what. I know I will be walking with Gramps when I catch that leaf.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Selvage

    • I don’t know who said it but I like it. Are you having good fall weather? We had 80 degrees one day and freezing two days later. Gotta love Texas weather!


      • Hi Granny,
        We had a couple of great weeks that were 20 degrees above normal. I road my bicycle as many days as possible this summer and fall. Then it got cold about a week ago. Today I woke up to snow, just a tiny bit, on the ground. I am staying toasty.
        I go out, much more than a year ago. I’ve lost 55 pounds in the last 2 years! Working on health issues. Happy things are going in the right direction.
        Thinking of you all and sending our love. Good and healing thoughts to you and yours.

    • Wow! Good for you! You must feel amazing! We seldom get snow but when we do, it is usually with lots of ice and wind. Lots of fun.

      Thank you for all your kind thoughts. You are too thoughtful.


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