Saturday Selvage

Good advice on any day, really. And aren’t those are the cutest ladybugs ever!!!

365 Buttons!!!

On January 1 of last year I began a project by sewing a button onto a 12″ circle of linen. I added a button every day of the year . . . for the whole year. Yes, that is 365 buttons!!!! It filled the circle and then some. Here is the finished product.

Isn’t it the most spectacular thing?!!!! It is colorful, random, overfilled and beautiful!!! It will hang in my sewing room. Yes, I found a place for it, amazing as that may be.

Some buttons are big and some are small, very small. Some are old and some are new. Some are round and some are not.

These buttons have some stitches around them and some have another button on top to add design. The holding thread can add color too.

One of my favorite sparkly buttons is surrounded by tiny fillers and french knots to hide the linen fabric.

Hiding amongst all the round ones are a flower, a bee and an “A”. How fun is that?

Here is my favorite old glass button. It’s very large and clear – I love that it is a part of the whole collection.

This shows how I carried the buttons and the stitching to the edge of the linen. I used very small buttons and lots of french knots in different colors to keep the scrappy theme going.

And this is the back!!! What a mess, huh? Somehow it keeps it all together. It looks like a thousand little rat nests to me.

The edges of the linen were cut, folded and glued onto the back of the hoop when all the stitching was done. Then it will be hung as is. Easy peasy!

Another look at the finished yearlong project. I think I’m going to miss putting a button on everyday. It was a lot of fun. The big square tan one was the first button to go on. Several people have chosen their favorite one.

Which is your favorite button?

Granny’s New Year’s Wishes

For 2022 may we all have:

Enough happiness to keep us sweet.

Enough trials to keep us strong.

Enough sorrow to keep us human.

Enough hope to keep us happy.

Enough failure to keep us humble.

Enough success to keep us eager.

Enough friends to give us comfort.

Enough wealth to meet our needs.

Enough enthusiasm to make us look forward to tomorrow.

Enough determination to make each day better than the day before.

Happy New Year to all my sweeties!!!!!!

The Joy Of A Dining Table

When Gramps and I were searching for a home to purchase about nine years ago, I was determined to have a home with a dining room. A house without a designated place for a family to sit down for a meal just would not do for me.

So, of course, we have a separate dining area. We may not use it every day and we may not always use it for dining, but when the occasion calls for it, we have the room. And it gets used!

The thing I love most about my dining room is the table. It can seat anywhere from six to twelve people comfortably in upholstered chairs. It can look formal or informal, as the event demands. It can handle a large centerpiece with candles on a colorful cloth or stand stark naked with its glorious buffed glow.

Most of my memories of being in my dining room are of me sitting at one end of the table while being surrounded by people I know and love. Whether the occasion was a big holiday event or a small family gathering, there was always that moment when I sat back, listened quietly and became aware of my surroundings. I call it “listening to the room”. It’s a magical moment, filled with joy, gratitude, contentment and love.

There’s nothing better in the entire world than a special occasion (Whatever it is! Even if it’s just a special Thursday evening!) with special people in a special environment (Like a big table in a dining room) after some special effort to make it . . . . well, special.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than looking around at a full table of smiling and laughing faces enjoying your special day. It’s one of the great joys of my life!

You just can’t get the same feeling with people eating while standing or seated at TV trays or in their laps. The warmth and togetherness is lost somewhere. Truly, how does one hold hands for a prayer or share little bites of food with a neighbor or pass the salt while standing? And the wonderful conversations across the table just don’t happen with food in your lap.

Everyone needs a table with room for everyone to sit. The table is the hub of all the action. It is where the relationships take place while dining. It is the center of the magical hurricane where memories are made. It’s just that simple and just that complex. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or grand either.

George and Martha Washington entertained dignitaries and commoners alike their entire married life on a table made from a board held up with sawhorses. I wonder how often Martha had joyful moments “listening to the room” at her full table.

Who could say “no” to something that brings such unity, joy and contentment into their home?

Not me! I definitely say YES!!!!!