My Bike – A Love Hate Relationship

Gramps and I bought new bikes. They are lovely bikes with the pedals moved a little forward so you can put your feet on the ground easily while still seated comfortably on the seats. Mine is a wonderful creamy white. They only have seven gears because I honestly don’t know what to do with twenty-one gears.


I love my new shiny bike. Part of the reason we got them, besides the usual need to exercise more, was to encourage our grandson Mac to learn to ride his bike. He has been reluctant for the last 2-3 years, for reasons unknown. We thought if he saw us on our bikes, he would be more likely to want to ride his. We hope to have him over soon to see the big event.


The problem with my bike is – I haven’t ridden one for 50 years! The first time we set out on the new bikes, we were so excited! We were only going around the block to test them out. I admit I was a bit unsure and a lot unsteady. Half way around our little course, my seat fell off. Yes – off! Well, honestly, who can sit on a metal post? My answer to the situation was to first call to Gramps for help and then to fall flat on my side – bike and all.


After slowly recovering from the ground and walking my bike home, I decided I didn’t like my bike as much anymore.

Now I’m very unsteady and leery on my bike. Gramps says I will improve if I just keep trying. I’m sure he’s right.

I’m wondering if the same thing happened to Mac and that’s why he doesn’t have such a close bond with his bike. I guess we will both have to just keep trying.           .