Word Of The Day – Celebration

I don’t know about you, but I sure do love a good party! Lots of balloons, good food, sweet drinks, happy people, music, dancing, bright lights, maybe some singing and a toast or two. I’m not even sure I need a reason or a real occasion. It can just be a Thursday evening or a spontaneous happening.

I love happy gatherings with laughter and plenty of joy and goodwill. I especially enjoy celebrating the little things in life.

Everyone has a party for the big occasions, like Christmas, New Years and their Birthday, right? But what about giving a big cheer for a rainy day or for the first day of school or for passing the drivers test?

Celebrations are like little “thank you” notes to the world and those we love. There’s so many things to be thankful for that deserve some extra sparkle and shine. I can think of hundreds, maybe more.

Sometimes a celebration can be small with just two people enjoying a special event together. Sometimes it is planned in advance with a structure and a timetable. Sometimes it happens completely in the moment with a spontaneous idea. Sometimes it involves many people gathering from many places in a miraculous union. Sometimes it is colorful, loud and rowdy. Sometimes it is quiet, solemn and reverent.

I think the more grateful we are, the more we feel like celebrating. And the reverse is also true – having a celebratory heart makes us more grateful. They go hand in hand.

Having a celebratory heart is a learned skill. It can be developed, honed and sharpened. A grateful heart just naturally feels joyful, happy and playful. And a party will follow!!!

I have very fond memories of celebrations large – weddings, births, funerals, reunions – and small – grandson’s drawing being chosen for display, lunches with friends, quilt show awards, hugs from my husband.

Some are so tender in my memory, I can still cry thinking of them. That’s how important it is to mark these moments in our lives. It is imperative that we make events memorable and special, that we remember to be grateful for each little second that we are given.

To celebrate is to remember.

To remember is to be grateful.

A Reason To Celebrate

It wasn’t Christmas. It wasn’t a birthday. It wasn’t even a designated holiday. It was a Tuesday evening and our grandson Mac had a piece of artwork chosen to be shown at a school district-wide art show. He was among about thirty first graders from his elementary school picked to share their mixed-media art with the community.tumblr_mc5ei0OpUB1rjrteio1_400

Of course, all the grades were represented from Mac’s school, as were all the grades from all the schools in the district. All total, there were hundreds of wonderful, clever creations hanging on the walls of the Education Center where the show was held. Everything one could imagine was used in the making of all that art – from paper to yarn to melted crayons to cardboard to photos to glitter to papier mache.

il_fullxfull.264703105Every inch of wall space was covered with colorful, thoughtful pieces, each telling their own story. Which meant hundreds of kids with siblings, parents and grandparents in tow, searching for that one special expression of his/her own self. Let me tell you, it was crowded!

But we were there for Mac. “We” being his parents and both sets of grandparents. His drawing was at the end of many turns and a labyrinth of hallways but no less crowded area.

Once found, the piece and the boy were photographed at length – at the right of, on theIMG_0585 left of, pointing to, kneeling beneath, smiling, looking serious, with parents and without.

Mac explained to each of us in detail the meaning and symbolism of all the parts of his artwork. It mostly had to do with Angry Birds and a king – huh? (You had to be there!) His enthusiasm and pride were so infectious and so fun to watch.

After the art show, which actually felt like a one-person showing despite the crowds, we decided to go out to eat. Artists and kids in general love food as part of a celebration. It doesn’t really matter what kind of food or where you go to eat it, IMG_0589the point is the enjoyment as a group.

As far as celebrations go, this one was perfect! So what makes a celebration, perfect or otherwise?

1) Any reason can be chosen.

2) It makes a child proud and happy.

3) It involves a family and loved ones.

4) Memories are made.

5) Lots of love, touching and laughter are shared.

6) Participants spend time together.

7) Good food can always be added to the event.