The Sewing Machine Gets A New Coat

For years (and by years, I mean probably 30-35!) I have covered my sewing machine with a plain white hand towel. The purpose is to keep the machine clean and free of dust and dirt when not in use.

Many people have fancy covers that are similar to toaster covers, in that they are shaped to fit the particular machine they are made for. Not me, I used a cotton towel that I just laid over the top – simple, handy, cheap, easy.

Now after all these years, I started to think I should upgrade a little – maybe a linen towel, maybe a silk scarf, maybe a unique beaded cover. I started to plan a cover but couldn’t decide how to shape it. Then I realized I could just use a piece of fabric the same size as the towel I had used for so many years.

So I cut a piece of muslin the size of a hand towel plus 1” added to the length and width. Then started attaching fabric in a crazy patch pattern. I used scrap fabrics, handkerchiefs and pieces of lace.

When the muslin was completely covered, I added more laces, embroidery, beads, tatting, ribbons and pieces of doilies and crochet. Finally, I added backing and bound the whole piece with fabric.


Cover8Cover9Cover10Cover11Cover12Cover13The beautiful new cover fits over my sewing machine perfectly and looks superb! I wish I had such a new coat!