The Importance Of Decorating

I love decorating for the season, I love decorating for the holiday, I love decorating for the day. Any occasion really and I will throw up a wreath or a garland or a special picture. I have always said, “Give me a theme and a color and I’m ready!”


Enjoying the changes in the year is so enhanced by changing my environment. I feel the march of time on the outside needs to be matched by the change of color and bunting on the inside. It can be small. It can be epic. It just needs to reflect you and your home.

While taking down the Halloween decorations to get ready for the Fall/Thanksgiving paraphernalia, I was thinking how important it is for families to mark the holidays. How important it is to change with the seasons, the months, the celebrations of life.


I think decorating for special occasions, whether for a day or a season, keeps us in time with the year, our lives and our families. We look forward to each event instead of being overrun by it. Making special arrangements also gives the occasion more meaning and certainly more fun.

When we plan decorations for an event, we keep our minds on other people and our sense of hospitality is enhanced. Will the kids like this? My mother would love to see her things used like this. I think the neighborhood will appreciate this.


Change itself is a good thing for us, especially as the years go by and we get somewhat set in our ways. Keeping up with change, rather than dragging behind, can be one sure way to stay young or at least young at heart. Expecting, planning for and being a part of new different experiences is very invigorating and keeps us adaptable – which is a very good thing.

Experiencing events by decorating for them is just plain fun and can be done with children. Traditions are made of these. Memories are made of these. Share the joy! Share the fun! Decorate!

And The Stripes Have It!

Gramps and I have been working on our new house for months now. It’s not really new, just new to us. In actuality, it’s very “unnew”. It has required a lot of fixing, patching, painting and repairing. Everyday the rehabbed parts are starting to look a lot . . . ¬†well, newer. Does any of this make sense?

Anyway, the front hall is becoming one of my favorite “new” places in the house. It started out very bland, dark and dreary. With the addition of paint, a new light fixture and french doors it is transforming into a truly beautiful foyer.

First, let me introduce you to my chandy. She is big, beautiful and bodacious. She is so glorious, that I had to give her a name. Elizabeth. That’s right, I call my light Elizabeth. A regal name for a regal accessory. When my grandson Mac comes over, he asks, “Can we turn on Elizabeth?”. I find those words kind of strange coming from a 7 yo boy, but we don’t go there. Isn’t she great hanging from these tall ceilings?IMG_0581IMG_0580Next, you have to see the new door. Originally, there was just an arched opening to what was called the second living area. I think it was supposed to be a formal living room, since it has no closet and is by the front door. However, I use it for my sewing room. And therein lies the problem. My sewing room is by definition a work room, a project room, a . . . MESS! No way around it, it’s never tidy. So having said messy room right at the front door is a problem. Who wants to see chaos when they enter your home? No one, actually. So the solution was to add french doors to the opening. It gives a finished look to the hall without closing off the light to the sewing room. And they are adorable! (Sorry about the blur!)IMG_0577This little hall is actually a six sided space and I wanted to emphasize the shape, so I decided to use horizontal stripes. I got the idea from many visits to Pinterest boards online. Horizontal striping has become the new rage. Who knew? But I really like it. What do you think? IMG_0575IMG_0570IMG_0573IMG_0579The rug is going to look wonderful with all the blue in the area. I may even paint the door blue! Can’t have too much blue as far as I’m concerned!

I plan to paint the lamps on the chest a platinum color. Also, thinking about painting the chest itself a shiny black. I will be putting blue/white plates on the walls and have some big pieces of ceramic for the floor in front of the chest. I am undecided about the small windows to the sides of the door for now. I’m sure some inspiration will come to me.

For now, I’m just enjoying how everything is shaping up. Making any progress feels good. And, of course, anything blue feels fantastic!