A Difficult Situation

I needed to speak to her about . . . . . a difficult topic. She wasn’t going to like it. Of course, neither was I. But there was no other way, I had to confront her.

I thought of every other way but there was no road except straight head on. Best be brave, I said to myself.

Easier to have one uncomfortable confrontation now, than many uncomfortable times in the future. Or at least I hoped so.

I planned my words carefully. I wanted to get my meaning across without completely destroying her. My goal was her cooperation, after all. But the words were going to be hard for her to hear.

I did like her and I cared what my words would do to her. I hoped she wouldn’t become angry and maybe quit our organization.

I played many possible conversations in my head for several days trying to anticipate her possible responses. It proved to be exhausting and very stressful.

I wanted so much to remain calm when the probability of a high emotional response was high. I felt things would go better if I stayed emotionally stable and didn’t react to any of her possible reactions.

I planned a meeting in private with her and two other women who knew my efforts and would support my attempts to change a difficult situation. She responded to the invitation and was comfortable meeting with the three of us.

She listened to our difficult words spoken softly with truth and kindness. And to my amazement, she found favor in the words and thanked us for being so honest with her.

With more talk, we agreed on an alternative path for her in the organization. A path she will be eager and excited about.

I was so relieved. I was almost giddy. It worked out so well. I could hardly believe it. She was not hurt and was actually happy. We were happy and had not hurt anyone. People were being better used for their skills in the organization. The organization was running better. What a win-win-win-win situation!!!!

Confronting the difficult conversation did more good than ever I hoped it would. I’m so relieved and so glad that I am on the other side of it.

I will have more courage and more hope for a happy outcome when the next time rolls around . . . . . and it will. That’s the way life flows. Always up and down.

Facing the next difficulty . . . . . head on, of course.