Embracing Joy

The ending of 2013 was a rough one for Granny. No blogging, no sewing, no Thanksgiving cooking, no Christmas decorating, no big gatherings of friends and family. It was mostly a season of seclusion, sadness, self-reflection and sitting on the couch. Not a life I recommend to anyone!

2014 however, promises recovery, more happiness, balance and joy. Joy – now there’s a concept I can embrace and work toward after the bleak winter of the previous year.

UnknownJoy is so much deeper than happiness to me and implies pure contentment. To be joyful is to be balanced in all areas of life – mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, etc. It also suggests work and planning to me. Joy is not just accidentally found nor can it be inherited. But it certainly can be shared and enjoyed with others.

So this will be my year of joy – my year of embracing it, looking for it, cultivating it, sharing it, strengthening it and letting it shine in my life. I have designated January as “The Joy of Love” month.

Love is all about relationship, I have discovered over all my years of living. Love is more than a feeling, It’s an action and it’s a reaction.

The biggest best love in my life is Gramps. We have been married 45 years and it still takes work for both of us to maintain a loving, joyful relationship. Hard to believe? Not really. We all change over the years and so the relationship changes and adjusts. Those who WANT to stay in a loving relationship must put forth effort to keep it vital, alive and joyful.

My personal goals for my month of “The Joy of Love” are:

1 – Be Patient – I’m not always. And sometimes I expect Gramps to read my mind. Guess what? He can’t!

2 – Give Proof of Love – This is the fun part! These are the positive things I can do to show my love to Gramps – not in a begrudging way but with joy and fun. Like doing one of his chores for him or making a special meal or just giving him extra hugs and kisses that day.

3 – Let It Be – I’m going to let the little, unimportant irritations go, roll off me, not react. Not starting an argument can be a real gift to someone you love. I’m not going to get upset over an insult that was never intended in the first place. I’m just going to let it go.

4 – Give Praise – This means saying “thank you” for all the kindnesses Gramps does for me and telling him how wonderful he is to me. Nothing gives joy like praise.


I think these goals are reasonable and attainable, as goals should be. I believe they will add joy to my life, to Gramps’ life and to our life as a couple. Pretty good for one month, huh?