Mea Culpa

That’s the name of my new quilt. Strange, you say? Not really, if you know the history of its origin. Each block is an exchange – meaning it was made by another person in exchange for me making a block for them.


At the time it seemed reasonable to ask someone to make one of these blocks for me. In fact, I asked nine people to make blocks for me! But it was a huge imposition, now that I look back on it. The blocks are very difficult to do and getting them all to look the same is even harder.


I don’t know what I was thinking! Well, I was thinking I would get this quilt done. But really, I was asking a lot of everyone who got one of my blocks to make. They are beautiful, but all I could say was “I’m sorry!”


So that’s how this quilt got the name “Mea Culpa”. I love the quilt and am very grateful to everyone who contributed to it. But all I heard was complaining and moaning from all the participants, so all I kept saying was “I’m so sorry!”