What’s In A Color?

A couple came to look at our house recently. They commented that they didn’t care for all the “blue.” At first I was surprised.  I mean, who doesn’t like blue? Then I was a bit angry.  Critiquing my decorating so harshly is not nice.  (Maybe I’m not as detached from this house as I thought.)  Then I was hurt. And . . .  I don’t know why.

What is it about a color that we like or don’t like? Why do I love blue?  I mean looooove blue?  And obviously others don’t?

When Gramps and I first built this house, I loved blue, especially blue and white. I thought I would just indulge this budding fancy and then be done with it.  So I put blue in every room.  Some rooms are truly “blue” and others have only a touch.  The kitchen is all- out blue and white with a collection of blue and white china pieces on the wall. That collection has grown and spilled over into a bedroom and a bathroom.

I really believed if I let go and let my “blue” beast have her way, I would tire of it.  Blue would lose its charm and I could move on to another world of color.  But I have found just the opposite – I LOVE BLUE MORE NOW THAN EVER BEFORE!  When I walk into a store, the blue and white combination always draws my eye, whether it’s china, furniture or clothes.  I’m hooked!   I’m addicted!  Be it stripes, patterns, polka dots or solids – blue and white is what I love!  What I want!  What I must have!

Okay, okay.  (Deep breath. Exhale)  I still don’t understand why.  I know colors affect our moods.  Blue is supposed to be a soothing cool color, but it sure can get me excited.  Why is that?

Kids have favorite colors, even at very young ages.  My sweet GD Katie loves pink and purple and has since she knew what colors were.  And yet she asked for a green Easter dress. She’s young – only 4 yo. She still has time to become totally addicted like the rest of us.

Now my 6yo GS #2 has maintained, “Red is my favorite color, you know.” for the last 3 years and has never wavered from that.  I venture to say it will always be his favorite. He’s that kind of kid – very clear in what he likes, wants, knows.

There’s just something about a color that makes us feel at home, safe, comfortable – that’s blue for me.  Even though I have always maintained that every house needs a red room, for me, that room would be in a blue house. Being surrounded by blue, any blue, all blues, makes me happy.  I even wear a lot of blue, not surprising. It’s a color that can say chic or country, crisp or soft, young or grownup.   It’s my color.  It fits me . I can’t seem to get enough. As hard as I try, there seems to be no point of too much blue. Not for me anyway.

So now, I can let go a bit more of my house that I thought I already had.  My colors are not everybody’s colors. That’s okay.   Blue is not for everyone.  That’s  okay. Each person may express their self and their love of color individually and with character. That’s okay.  The people who buy my house can eliminate every speck of blue. That’s okay. I can make my next house as blue as I want.  That’s okay.

I still do not understand how color affects us as it does.  But I do understand that it does. And that is very okay.