Word Of The Day – LAUGH

I have a very distinctive laugh. It’s kind of loud, but I can’t help that. Everyone says it is unique and very contagious.

When I hear my laugh inside my head, it sounds fine. When I hear my laugh outside, as in a recording, it is a grating sound to me. I don’t know how other people can stand it!

I got my laugh from my mother. I laugh just like her. When we laughed together, we could shake walls. We certainly couldn’t hide anywhere when we were joyful and giggly.

I laugh easily and often everyday. My sense of humor is well developed. I inherited it from my father, who had a very dry wit. He was a good joke and story teller.

I look for the funny side of almost everything – even the saddest of occasions. Often, people view me as pretty quirky because I can laugh at the oddest of situations.

I have found laughter to be helpful in so many ways. It can relieve tension as well as break barriers. It can tell a truth as well as reveal a lie. It can ease pain and calm anxiety. It can provide joy and explain loss.

I can hardly think of a personal event in my life that wasn’t improved or eased with a chuckle or a good belly laugh.

My laugh is a gift and it’s a gift to give to others. I am now responsible to pass on my gift to my children, grandchildren, family and friends. What was given to me must be given away every day.

And so I laugh. I laugh at funny jokes. I laugh at ironic events. I laugh at silliness. I laugh at myself. I laugh with babies and toddlers. I laugh at failure. I laugh at loss. I laugh at forgetfulness. I laugh at old age.

I just laugh. I must laugh.

How To Watch The Super Bowl And Not Gain 10 Pounds

So that day is here. You know that day. That day of eighteen hours of straight football watching for one game – the Super Bowl. It started yesterday – all day. I mean really! What can they talk about hour after hour? You’d think they were, oh I don’t know . . . women! (Did I say that ?!)

And don’t forget the snacks. We have to have chips, salsa, dips, sliders, wings and popcorn. And then the pizza, cheeseburgers, fries and tacos. Pretty much anything with cheese and/or BBQ sauce on it.

And beer – don’t forget the beer. I can’t imagine how many gallons will be consumed. Oh my!!! (The good thing is they will only be driving from the sofa!)

Oh my hips are groaning and I haven’t taken a bite. What’s a gal to do?

I can’t serve Tofu and cottage cheese. Gramps is a Texan and he wants “real” food.

So here I am in pre-game stress. I see nothing but about 10,000 calories ahead of me today. I must have a strategy.

OK, so every time I hear the word “touchdown,” I will take a big drink of water to help fill me up and keep me hydrated.

And every time a team makes a first down, I will get up out of my chair and do five jumping jacks.

Ops, there’s the cupcakes ready from the oven. Oh, they’re going to be so good when I frost them.

Oh, and every time my sweetie Mahomes carries the ball himself for yardage, I will jump up and yell. (That’s worth calories, right?)

Oh gosh, the BBQ sauce is bubbling. Gotta go stir it.

OK, where was I? Oh right. Now every time Kansas City scores (Can you tell I’m a fan?) I will do my happy dance. I wish you could see it. It’s pretty cool!

Gotta go get those sliders done. Be back in a minute.

Whew! I’m getting exhausted! Can’t wait til I can sit in my recliner, put my feet up and watch my Patrick perform.

Now, back to my strategy. I have hand sewing I am going to be doing to keep my hands busy . . . but I’d hate to get BBQ sauce on it. Better re-think that one.

Well, anyway, I plan to stay busy – if I can, if I remember. Best laid plans and all.

OK, for certain I will be yelling and laughing a lot. That’s worth a couple wings, isn’t it?

Oh, this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

And now I have to go. The pizza just got delivered.