Not All Oreos Are Cookies

Say hello to the┬ánewest member of our family. He is six months old, can already walk and run, speaks a language all his own, can feed himself and bathe himself (amazing for a six- month old), doesn’t mind very well (pretty typical for one his age), sleeps more hours of the day than he is awake, loves people especially laps, does not like getting wet and didn’t cost us a thing to obtain. Oh, and his name is Oreo. Odd sounding person, you say. And he would be odd except he is a cat!

IMG_0740Now a black and white shorthaired cat named Oreo sounds kind of clever. Which he is – too clever for Gramps and me at times. He’s still learning all the rules, where he can and can’t jump, what he can and can’t poop on, where he can and can’t pee or vomit, what is edible and what is not, who wants to play and who does not, what can be clawed and what can’t (mostly can’t).

IMG_0743Oreo has a tiny little black spot on the end of his nose in the perfect shape of a heart. Is that too cute or what? I had to sneak up on him while he was sleeping to get this photo to show you the amazing tiny heart. When he is not sleeping, he is usually running and meowing throughout the house.


This Oreo is definitely not a cookie, although he is adorable enough to eat! More news about our bundle of fur as it occurs.