12 Things I Know For Sure

  1. Every day is a precious gift, no matter how crazy or mixed up it is. Life is wonderful but life is messy.
  2. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. That includes you.
  3. You have everything you need for your own journey. Take care of yourself.
  4. If it’s someone else’s problem, they probably have their own answer.
  5. Everyone is a mess, less than perfect and scared on the inside. Don’t compare your inside to anyone’s outside.
  6. Chocolate is not actually a food.
  7. Real success only comes after dedicated repeated work.
  8. Success can be as damaging as it is amazing. Be prepared. See #3 and #5.
  9. Families are precious and hard. It’s all about compromise and forgiveness.
  10. Words are powerful. Use them with care. They can’t be taken back or forgotten once spoken.
  11. Love is the strongest emotional bond. It can withstand all kinds of hardship and starvation. Nurture it, express it, speak it. It makes everything worth the effort.
  12. We don’t live forever. Be aware of your legacy, the memories you are leaving behind. Be a good example. See #1.