A Look At A Book 13

The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken.

This charming colorful book tells a fable for our times and celebrates the joy of giving and sharing.

A generous quilt maker, with magic in her fingers, sews the most beautiful quilts in the world. But she does not sell them. She only gives them to the poor and those who need them.

A greedy king, with every treasure he can stuff into his storehouse, remains sad and lonely. He yearns for the one gift that will make him happy.

Could that gift be a quilt?

Will the quiltmaker sew a quilt for the king?

Can the quilt maker teach the king to be happy?

What will the king do with all his splendid treasures?

QM 2

Look for clues to the story in the quilts–all 250 of them!!!

The Joy of Collecting

Collecting is easy. Gather a group of objects. Amass a lot of things that are alike in some way. Assemble a library of similar works. No problem there. A bit of time, a bit of knowledge, a bit of this and that. Put it all together – bingo, you have a collection!

But the joy of it is something else entirely. There has to be love, passion, beauty, interest. Now that is much harder to find. The fun of gathering is to be found not so much in the things themselves or in each individual object, but in the serendipitous beauty of the whole creation. Whether it is small or large, the collection only takes on its true character of joy when all the pieces relate to each other and can be shared with others.

True collections should be seen and enjoyed by all, not just one. They need to be on display, to show themselves to the world, to be studied, oohed and aahed over, and given frequent applause.

My newest love and joy is ironstone  and I am madly collecting it. It is a very durable china that has neither iron nor stone in it. Go figure! I love the white opaque color and the practicality of the pieces. Let me share some little groupings of my new joy with you.

Pitcher9This is on my dining room table. Can you picture this huge bowl filled with rose petals for Valentine’s Day?

Pitcher10 Pitcher7Pitcher4The covered bowl with one handle is a child sized chamber pot.

Pitcher6Pitcher1I hope you enjoyed sharing my small collection. I hope you enjoy your own collections. I hope you enjoy sharing your collections with the world.