Forty Thank Yous

All the forty days of Lent I have been trying to stay in an attitude of gratitude by writing a thank you note to someone each day. It started out easy with all the people closest to me getting a thank you.

I was mindful of all the love and care I was getting, aware of the close friendship and daily reminded of the loyalty and patience of each dear one I was writing to. At first I was being reminded of the kindness of people I had known for years. The names and memories were there at the tip of the pen every day. I thought this is going to be so easy.

But now I’m getting to the people I don’t know as well or don’t know at all, who have done me a kindness. This is certainly harder and more inconvenient. I think I’m finally getting to the real lesson I’m supposed to be learning in this Lenten season.

I’m supposed to see gratitude everywhere and in everything, not just the simple, easy and convenient things. Even when things go wrong, there is a lesson to be learned, for which I can be grateful.

And all the people in my life are there for a reason, a good reason. For that, I am also very thankful.

And so today, my sweeties, is your day!!!

Thank you so much for just being you, for reading my blog, for leaving comments, for sharing it with others.

Thank you for your loyalty, your patience, your humor, your common sense.

Thank you for all the kind words you have sent to me and about me.

Thank you for being the best readers ever!!!!!!!


Thank You, Gramps

1386-0806-0916-1854Gramps, Mac and I had gone out for a special ordinary dinner. You know the kind, where you celebrate nothing more than being together on a Tuesday. It’s special because you are together and ordinary because it’s a regular ordinary day. Afterwards, I reminded Mac to thank Gramps for taking us to dinner. He asked why he should thank Gramps “when he was happy to go to dinner with us”.

I never heard this reasoning before but knew we needed to stop right then and there to discuss the concept of gratitude. Children, of course, need to be taught the idea and the performance of “thanks”. They come into this world at the center of their own universe and naturally expect everything and everyone to do for them. The seed of gratitude must be planted by someone.

tigger-applause-02Every person has to tell every child that he must be thankful for every compliment and kindness done for him. Anyone who goes out of their way to improve a life in any way must be recognized in some manner. Gratitude and gratitude that is acted upon, is not optional. It is imperative, it is required.

Children do not instinctually know this. They have to be taught and reminded – often. I give a verbal nudge to my grandchildren every time. Every time someone compliments them or gives them a gift or does them a favor or does them any kindness at all.

monday-quotes-gratitude-quotes-5Repetition is a great teacher, as is a good example. So I have to say “thank you” and show “thank you” whenever appropriate also. That way the little ones are surrounded by thankfulness and thoughtfulness.

And the next time we go out to dinner Mac is more likely to remember to say “thank you, Gramps”.thank-you