It’s Never Too Late

My daughter just recently told me the most exciting thing. Her biggest regret in life has always been that she was never able to march in a DCI Corp. She absolutely adores music, marching and performing with a flag.

As a family, we have followed Drum Corps and loved it for over thirty-five years, so she comes by her addiction naturally.

A few months ago, one corps, celebrating a sixty-fifth anniversary, issued an invitation to alumni, other corps members and anyone interested to join a performance at the International Finals this year. Well, my daughter was certainly interested and applied. She was accepted and will be performing with a Drum Corps this year.

Her all time wish has been granted! Her excitement is beyond belief for a middle-aged woman fulfilling a dream she has had since she was a teenager.

And as she said to me – it’s never too late!

How true that is! A dream is a dream until it has a deadline and then it becomes a goal. A goal then requires action to become a plan. My sweetie has graduated to a plan from a dream after thirty-five years.

She never gave up. She never lost hope. She never let her dream fade. And Voila! She is going to be living her dream day this August in Indianapolis.

My son-in-law wanted to fly since he was a little boy. He couldn’t see how that could ever happen when he was growing up. It seemed too far away to ever become a reality for him.

As an adult he finally had the time and the finances and began taking flying lessons. One at a time, step by step, over the years, he progressed to the point where he qualified for an Airline Transport Pilot rating.

And one day, he was hired by a Regional air carrier. It wasn’t too late after all! He could fly for a living, revel in his dream and support his family, all at the same time. He was one happy soul.

Living your dream brings a joy like nothing else, even if it comes after years of hoping and wishing. Maybe even more so because of the years of hoping and wishing.

The secret is to keep the ambition alive in your soul. Keep feeding it with hope and possibility. Never let it die. Never let it disappear. Never let the negative words in your head convince you it will not happen.

Because it is never too late!

Granny’s Christmas Wishes

Everyone has a wish-list for Christmas and I am no exception. I don’t believe you have to be a child to make your desires known to Santa or anyone else. In fact, I not only believe, but I know for sure, that putting your wishes down on paper and speaking them out loud is one step toward making them come true.

That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to always have positive thoughts, because those thoughts will become your words. As my dear mother used to say, “If you keep something in your head long enough, eventually it will fall out of your mouth.”

So I’m trying to keep good thoughts in my head this Christmas season and make my wish list an inspiration and a strength to me. Hope you, my dear Sweetie, will try to do the same.

Keep good thoughts and may all your wishes come true!


1 – Good hugs and sloppy kisses from everyone I love.

2 – Hear lots of laughs and giggles on Christmas day.

3 – My house nicely decorated for Christmas visitors.

4 – A gift for every child on Christmas.

5 – My whole family sitting at my dining table for a holiday meal.

6 – Time to bake holiday goodies to give as gifts.

7 – Time to sit with Gramps in front of a warm fire with popcorn and hot cocoa while watching my favorite movie “Meet Me In St. Louis.”

8 – Share good Christmas music with others.

9 – Provide true hospitality to everyone who passes through my door.

10 – Thoughtfulness and creativity in providing gifts that show people they are loved and cared for.


Here’s another wish list that I found and thought it was pretty good. So I’m sharing it with you and hope it gives you the same warm feeling it did me.