Words Are Powerful

Words are powerful! They are actual things. They exist out there in the world, as well as in our heads. They have substance, form and consequences.

Words can inspire an artist to paint the grand masterpiece. They can convince a soul it is loved. They can comfort a damaged mind, calm a frightened child, bring forth a belly laugh, rally an army.

OR . . . . . Words can break a heart, incite a riot, cause confusion and lead an innocent astray.

Words are powerful!

Words are not to be used lightly or casually, thrown away like useless trash. Words are sacred gifts given with forethought, generosity and love.

People, especially children and those who love us, will remember what we say to them and about them. The words we use will impact them, maybe forever. That is no small responsibility.

Our words need to always be intentional, appropriate and positive. They need to make the world a better place or not be spoken at all. Silence is much preferred to negative, destructive and harmful words.

Often the intent gives the word its power and strength. As in curse words (Which in my mind is just lazy language!) and ethnic slurs. None of them are intended to evoke any positive or kind responses. They are all meant to harm people.

Words are powerful!

Sometimes the tone of the delivery gives the word its most impact. Words that are sung can have a profound effect and can evoke responses in a very unique manner. We all remember a lullaby, a camp song, our high school song, the National Anthem or a random TV commercial.

We love how words are used in special ways – a poem that rhymes, Haiku, a Shakespeare play. And we never get tired of hearing the good old standards “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Birthday” and, of course, “I love you”.

Words should be used generously but always with kindness, thoughtfully with care and lovingly with joy.

Words are powerful!